About: Sander Nizni

Sander Nizni: Usability Monster and Product Strategist

Sander NizniThis experienced product marketing, development and design specialist has been successfully creating, deploying and improving strategic and branding campaigns, websites, applications, services and products since he graduated from the University of Houston in 1995. He has worked for multiple startups, Fortune 500 firms, and on several consulting/agency engagements. Sander Nizni has a dedicated site – that he calls an “idea factory” – for connecting with friends, stakeholders, hiring managers and colleagues. It has his contact info, blog, portfolio and many project files. Site: HyperAbsolute.com

Sander Nizni: Value

letter collage that spells 'VALUE'Sander Nizni offers a track record of managing products and projects that generate seven-figure revenues, verified by extensive references. Sander’s core strengths encompass a broad spectrum of skills in software and hardware and include the following: usability research and analysis, concept-to-launch product development, information architecture, interaction design, concept engineering, industrial design, marketing strategy, business process management and more.

Sander’s Blog on HyperAbsolute.com

Drawing UX design objects in 3D spaceThis site is about Sander Nizni’s career and also hosts a product design and strategy blog. It covers a variety of topics focused on usability, project management, product management, data analysis, UX design and marketing. The blog also includes two cool glossaries – a Glossary of UX Design and a Glossary of Product Management.


Colored handprints on ground with words 'My Portfolio'Sander discusses his past projects and products on his career website HyperAbsolute.com in good detail. Each of Sander’s past full-time projects has two pages on this site – one public and one secure. Secure pages include high-quality exhibits and project details. If you want secure access, reach out to Sander to discuss your next job, contract, project or idea.

Also, visit Nizni’s LinkedIn Profile and feel free to ask his connections for references. But remember: one example is worth a thousand glowing references: give Sander a task, and he will give you a successful strategy to demonstrate his abilities.

Immediate Career Goals

'Success Ahead' road sign with blue skyNizni claims that he is never formally “in search” of a job because he only works on UX projects he loves. One thing is true – if he doesn’t like your style or ideas, he will never sign up to be a “dead weight” in your team; and if he is impressed, he may work for you even if you can’t afford him.


No time to visit HyperAbsolute.com? Send a quick message...

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